EPIC in character NaNoWriMo encouragement sent by my ML

My regional NaNoWriMo municipal liaison, and narrator of the upcoming audiobook version of The Captain’s Door, K Orion Fray @SonRevolutionKF, just sent me what might be the most epic note of encouragement ever recorded:

letter to Craig from Rohad.mp3

The whole thing is written and recorded as one of my own characters. I love it! That’s some serious NaNoWriMo coaching!

C.S. Houghton


Typewriters of Famous Authors

Typewriters of Famous Authors

fromĀ http://kadrey.tumblr.com/post/52975844033/awesome-typewriters-of-famous-authors

Something else

I’m going to be working on something small for a bit while I let the premise of the second Mina Paradis novel set root. This is a novella, I think. It’s hard to say. Whatever it is, I’m only 1202 free-written words into the raw material. It smells like dark fantasy — not sure. I’m still feeling around for it with my eyes closed. I do know this, the MC is an old man, and I’d gladly follow him into the bone grove.